Our Treatments


Mini Manicure – 30 min $45

A regular manicure will leave your nails stronger and healthier. Nails shaped, cuticles treated, hand massage, hot towels, nail buff and cuticle oil.


Gel Manicure – 60 min $55 (French Polish add $5)

A Mini Manicure with your choice of Vinylux or Shellac (2 weeks wear)

Polish Only – Vinylux $30 | Shellac $32


Angel Nails – $30

Treat a little girl for her birthday or a Christmas surprise. Treatment includes hand massage and nails painted with a glitter top coat.
Ages 3-12.


Pedicure – 55 min $65 (French polish or CND Shellac add $5)

A wonderful refreshing pick-me-up for busy feet. Includes an essential oil foot spa, foot scrub, nail shape, cuticle treatment and a luxurious foot massage finished with a nail buff and polish.

Pedicure without Polish – 45 min $50

Paraffin Wax Add on – $25 

Men’s Pedicure – $60 


Luxury Pedicure – 86 min $95

A wonderful refreshing pick-me-up for busy feet. A pedicure followed by a luxurious foot massage, then the choice of either a rejuvenating mud mask or a lovely paraffin wax treatment and hot towels. Completed with a nail buff and polish. Leaving your feet feeling pampered and looking elegant.


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Dermalogica Pro Skin 30 Treatment – 30 min $65

A double deep cleanse and exfoliation, removed using hot towels, followed by a targeted serum, nutrient rich moisturiser and eye care to nourish and protect your skin. Please allow 45 mins


Dermalogica Signature Pro Skin 60 Treatment  – 60 min $115

Pamper yourself with our fully customised treatment to target your skins condition. Beginning with an expert skin analysis, double cleanse and exfoliation, removed using hot towels. Followed by a relaxing face massage and a targeted masque application. While the masque is on you will be treated to lovely arm, shoulder and décolletage massage. Finishing off with targeted serums, nutrient rich moisturiser and an eye cream to nourish and protect the skin. Please allow 75 mins

Dermalogica Power Up Treatments 

Power Up – Power up the results of your Pro Skin Treatment by including an enhancement from A and B $25

Super Charge –  Super charge your Pro Skin Treatment  by including 3 enhancements from A, B and C $40


Enhancements include:

A – Targeted Serum infusion with BT.Micro current OR Exfoliation + with targeted products with the BT.Micro current.

B – Pro power Eye peel (brightens and firms) OR Neck fit refining masque (lift, firms and sculpts neck and chest)

C – Dermaplaning (exfoliation and removal of facial peach fuzz) OR LED Light therapy (for visibly radiant, rejuvenated skin)

Jelly Mask Add on – $25



          Dermalogica BioSurface Peel – 60 min $140

BioSurface Peel is a powerful skin resurfacing system. It helps to reduce breakouts, pigmentation and signs of premature aging to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin. Most clients experience noticeable results within 3 treatments, although after 6 treatments the peel is at its maximum potential. Within the process of the BioSurface Peel it can also be beneficial to add in IPL or Skin Needling.

Dermapen Concept Facial – Skin Needling – 60 min $240

Skin needling is based on our skins natural ability to heal itself while at the same time prompting new collagen into the skin creating a more youthful appearance on the surface and fighting antibodies beneath. Regenerate the appearance of scars, reduces pigmentation, lines, and acne. Micro-needling activates this process due to causing tiny punctures across the treated area. Dermaceuticals Skincare Range formulated for needling is customised to treat your skin concerns. The results after the first treatment are considerably noticeable and your overall skin appearance is smoother, brighter and the texture feels softer. After your needling we apply a soothing mask, followed by moisturiser and eye cream.

We are the GOLD Standard
Dermapenworld has acknowledged our clinic as a Gold Authorised Dermapen Treatment Provider. 
This means you’ll receive superior results, efficacy and safety with our Dermapen treatments.

Dermaplaning – 30 min $48
with a facial – 60 min – $125

A safe and effective exfoliation and hair removal procedure, you’ll notice a difference in your skin’s texture and tone immediately.
Dermaplaning treatments can be added onto any facial – Discover more

LED Light Therapy Facial 60 min $155

A double deep cleanse and exfoliation, using hot towels, followed by the Dermalux LED Phototherapy, followed by a mask, eye cream and nutrient rich moisturiser. The Dermalux LED Phototherapy, is a non-invasive treatment that uses medically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair process without pain or down time.  Uses Blue,  Red and Near Infrared wavelengths to boost collagen production, increase hydration, calm redness and irritation and blitz blemish causing bacteria.

Microdermabrasion – 30 min $75
with a facial 60 min $130

A smooth cream from Fleur De Mer with micro-crystals that polishes and refines the skin delivering an instant refined look and feel to your skin. This treatment will help with open enlarged pores, pigmentation and fine lines.



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Start repairing past damage to the face or body with IPL Facial Rejuvenation. Body ‘n’ Beauty Work offer specialised treatment sessions to help reverse aging, prevent further damage and maintain a young, healthy, glowing complexion.

Find out more about IPL Facial Rejuvenation and pricing here.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Facial – with facial 90 min $350 
Just IPL $310

Skin rejuvenation using the Anthelia IPL machine, we will start with a double cleanse and tone, then apply gel to the skin before the therapist uses the IPL machine. You will feel a warm flicking sensation stimulating the cells responsible for producing collagen, while your skin is being plumped and repaired. A Hydrogel mask is then applied to soothe the skin, followed by a moisturiser and eye cream. The importance of total sunblock is essential for aftercare of the skin.


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Bride – $120 ($20 deposit required) Includes a trial make up session.
Bridesmaid – $80
Mother of the Bride – $90
Bridal party of 4 of more – $POA

Ask about combining other services including hair for a personalised wedding package. 
TIP: To enhance your eyes think about Nouveau Lash Extensions.



Make Up Consultation – 45 min $75

A one on one personal lesson on how to apply your make up for either a daytime casual look or for a special occasion/evening look. $30 off your consultation price is redeemable on any of our makeup products.



Formal/Special Occasion – $66
College/School Ball – $56



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Eyebrow Design and Shape – $30
Eyebrow Design and Shape with any other service – $20
Eyebrow Tint – $23
Eyelash Tint – $29
Eyebrow Shape and Tint Brows – $36
Eyebrow Shape and Eyelash Tint – $40
Eyes The Worx (eyelash & eyebrow tint with brow shape) – $49
ICurl Eyelash Perm – $46
Luxurious Eye Package (tint and perm lashes, shape brows, hand massage and eye mask) – $76




Henna Brows are a WOW treatment that leaves your eyebrows looking full and lush for longer, ideal for those wanting a thicker looking brow without spending mornings filling them in.

This treatment leaves the brows looking powdery and natural. A non-committal alternative to permanent tattooing and tinting, Henna is a plant-derived dye that creates a more organic stain on the hair and skin, leading to less-offensive, more natural results.

The 45-minute process incorporates a brow shampoo, a shaping and sculpting treatment before the Henna is applied to the eyebrow. Following the application of henna moisturising oil, brows are left looking fuller, darker and more even. Darker than your average tint result, the skin stain lasts between 1-2 weeks whereas the hair colour stays vibrant for up to 6 weeks, with the correct homecare of course.

Henna Brows – $46
Henna Brows and Eyebrow Design – $55
Henna Eyebrow and Lash Tint with Eyebrow Design – $66

Discover more about beautiful brows and lashes here.




Full Set – $127
Top Up (three weeks) – $67
Top Up (two weeks) – $52
Ardell Wispies False Eyelashes- $20

Can be added to enhance your eyes after makeup.


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Spray tans works instantly with your skin for a safer, healthier, UV free instant tan. Three colours available.

Full Body – $50
Half Body – $40 (upper or lower body)


Please ensure you have exfoliated and shaved at least 24 hours before your spray tan. Come to your tan appointment with nothing on your skin (deodorant, moisturisers, etc) and please bring loose clothing to wear after. 


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Half Leg – $34
Top of Leg – $36
Three Quarter Leg – $38
Full Leg – $50
Full Leg & Bikini – $68
Bikini Line – $30
More than Bikini – from $35
Brazilian (4-6wks) – $55
Brazilian (1st time or after 8 weeks) – $65
Lip or Chin – $20
Lip & Chin – $30
Underarm – $25
Arms – $30
Chest or Back – $55
Eyebrow Design – $30
Eyebrow Design with any other service – $20



Electrolysis is a form of hair removal. It works by inserting a needle into the hair follicle, an electric current flows down the needle and to the hair follicle. This over time damages and destroys the cells in the hair follicle to prevent regrowth of the hair.  Electrolysis can be done by a few methods, which is why it is always important for first time clients to let us know so we can allow extra time for a consultation. Galvanic based electrolysis is a direct current delivered into the hair follicle by a small needle that creates a new substance called lye. Lye with damage the hair follicle and surrounding tissue stopping the hair regrowth. Thermolysis based electrolysis uses high frequency alternating current, this alternating current produces a vibration and localised heat which weakens the follicle and surrounding area to prevent regrowth. Both methods can also be used at the same time to make the treatment more effective. 
15 min – $36
30 min – $48

For first time clients please allow 10 min for consultation, this is included in the electrolysis price.



Tired of shaving, waxing or using depilatory creams to get rid of unwanted hair? Let us reduce your hair growth for a longer period – or remove it permanently!

Find out more about our permanent hair removal and pricing here.



30 min – $48
with a facial – 60 min – $116

Dermaplaning is an effective and safe exfoliation procedure, you’ll notice a difference in your skin’s texture and tone immediately.

Dermaplaning is safe for most people, with little or no risk of side effects when it’s performed by a certified therapist. It’s biologically impossible for hair to grow back thicker…. This hair is so thin and soft that removing it with a dermaplaning tool will have little to no impact on how it looks when it grows back. After removing the vellus hair, your skin will instantly feel and look smoother and brighter.

It uses a sterile surgical scalpel to shave the surface of the skin to remove excess dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz hairs). The tool is held at a 45 degree angle and is brushed along the skin to remove the hair and dead skin cells. The procedure is only performed on the face or neck. It can be a stand alone procedure, but it does create deeper product penetration when combining this service with a facial, boosting the effects of overall appearance to your skin. The procedure makes skin look and feel smoother and will reduce the appearance of acne scars, and fine lines.


What to Expect After the Procedure
Sometimes after dermaplaning, the skin will end up peeling slightly. This normally only happens when there is not enough time in between treatments to let the hair’s growth cycle be completed. This is why it is important to leave enough time between visits to get the best results.
There is no need to worry about the hair on your face getting any darker. Since dermaplaning only targets the vellus hair (peach fuzz) the hair will grow back the same size and color. It is physiologically impossible for the hair to grow back thicker and dark, so no need to panic and worry.


Never do this procedure at home. Leave it to the professionals Di, Laura and Anna to ensure a safe and effective treatment. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or just learning more about dermaplaning or any of our other treatments please get in touch.


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Back Massage – 30 min $50

Relieve your stiff back from a hard days work or your tense neck sometimes caused by the stress of everyday living. Or just as a relaxing therapy.


Full Body Massage – 60 min $80

A great way to relax and revitalise yourself. Helps to increase blood and lymphatic flow, improving skin tone and giving a deep sense of well being.


Exfoliating Sea Scrub – 15 min $33

An invigorating back scrub, followed by hot towel, a perfect finish to your back or full body massage.


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Pamper You Package – 150 min $240

When you need an overhaul and some time out from stress and worries. This service includes a full body massage, 1 hour facial (designed for your skin type) then finishing with a pedicure (includes nail polish colour).


The Ultimate In Massage – 90 min $150

Treat yourself to the ultimate experience in massages. Starting with your feet using essential oils – soak in footspa, exfoliate and massage. Followed by a full body massage then finishing off with an Indian head massage.


Back Massage – 30 min $50

Relieve your stiff back from a hard days work or your tense neck sometimes caused by the stress of everyday living, or just as a relaxing therapy.


Full Body Massage – 60 min $80

A great way to relax and revitalise yourself. Helps to increase blood and lymphatic flow, improving skin tone and giving a deep sense of well being.


Luxury Pedicure – 85 min $92

A wonderful refreshing pick-me-up for busy feet. A pedicure followed by a luxurious foot massage, then a rejuvenating mud mask and hot towels. Completed with a nail buff and polish. Leaving your feet feeling pampered and looking elegant.


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