Maat Dark Temptress – Eye Shadow Palette


Eye of Horus Eye Shadow Palette – Maat Dark Sultry is a combination of 3 velvety shades to create dramatically Smokey looks. The essential trio shadow palette is Italian baked in stunning matte and metallic shades.

Armarna Light Creamy Beige Metallic (light)
Ankh Odyssey Fawn Brown Matte (medium)
Dark Dynasty Dark Brown Matte (dark)


Deeply pigmented, long wearing and crease-proof formula to deliver everyday brilliance. Key features The Eye of Horus cosmetics baked Goddess shadow range can be used either dry, for a subtle day ware effect or wet for a full-intensity finish. When water-activated, shadow colours transform to be more intense and radiant if desired. These remarkable properties give the freedom to create any kind of look from simple to dramatic in seconds. Paraben Free.